Words Words Words -- Lecture by David Crystal

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Words Words Words

David Crystal

(From Spoken English Example Videos for Language Study)

Oxford University's David Crystal, renouned linguist and author on language discusses his new book on the creation of words. Is it acceptable to invent words frivolously?

Importantly, although Prof. Crystal is decidedly the last word on English language usage, having published about 100 books on the subject, his unscripted English usage is not entirely flawless (as would be the case most of the other speakers we are showcasing) and is not ready for immediate publication without some editing. For example, his "This is an attempt to try..." is clearly a pleonasm, a redundancy that should and, in most cases, would be edited before publication. The remainder of this short talk is quite persuasive and well stated, but relatively bland in its use of language.

Difficulty level: 4/10

Dialect: British (RP) English

Points to look for:

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